Billie Deane Gillian Duxbury 35mm Photograph by Bob Guccione - 1973



  • Format: 35mm slide
  • Model: Billie Dean
  • Photographer: Bob Guccione
  • Year: 1973


The slides are in great condition and is sold as is. The magazine is also in great condition. Please note the slide mount may contain original marks and writing from the Penthouse Curation team. For a more detailed report on an individual photograph, please contact us.


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About Billie Deane

Canadian Billie Deane, also known as Gillian Duxbury, was not only Penthouse pet of the Month in March 1972, but a model and actress. She's known for her roles in The Sweeney (1975-1978), The Professionals (1978), which was a British action detective series, and the game show Play Your Cards Right (1982-1984).

"I think if you start analyzing your motives, you end up believing anything; it's morbid and useless. I just want to find out what my boundaries are as far as emotion, talent, intelligence, sex and everything else are concerned. I have only been in love with a man much older than myself. It was a very short affair, but I think it made a woman out of me. Now I want to see how much of a woman I can be."

—Billie Dean

About Bob Guccione

In 1965, Bob Guccione, a struggling artist with an entrepreneurial imagination, started a magazine called Penthouse. Due to his lack of resources, Guccione personally photographed most of the models for the magazine's early issues. He spent long hours, and sometimes, several days, to complete a photo shoot. Although he had no professional training, Guccione applied his knowledge of painting to his photography, establishing the diffused, soft focus look that would become one of the trademarks of the magazine's pictorials. These images offered more sexually explicit content than other gentleman's magazines of the era, establishing Penthouse as a well known name amongst its competitors.