Andi Sue Irwin 35mm Photograph by Earl Miller - 1996



  • Format: 35mm slide
  • Model: Andi Sue Irwin
  • Photographer: Earl Miller
  • Year: 1996


This photograph is in good condition and is sold as is. Please note the slide mount may contain original marks and writing. For a more detailed report on an individual photograph, please contact us.


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About Andi Sue Irwin

Andi Sue Irwin, born in Georgia, was Penthouse Pet of the month in September 1993 and Pet of the Year in 1996. After a long break, she did her come back for Penthouse in the October 2009 issue. She was the cover photo for Penthouse magazine in September 1993, January 1996, and April 1997.

“I was born in Georgia,” she tells us, “but I grew up on a farm in Tennessee. We had horses and cows and chickens and I had to feed the chickens every morning before I went to school. Then I’d come home in the afternoon and do more chores.”

—Andi Sue Irwin

About Earl Miller

As Penthouse magazine’s most published photographer, Earl Miller has been an icon of high-end erotic art and sensual nudes for 40 years. He has been a pioneer in creating first-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind sexual fantasies, adult films, and sensual and sexy magazine layouts. Earl Miller has set the standard by which all others are measured in erotic photography. His work throughout the past forty years has earned him mainstream exposure through special appearances on VH1 and Howard Stern, honors including induction into the AVN Hall of Fame, and the distinction of being the most published photographer in the history of Penthouse Magazine. Bob Guccione, founder of Penthouse Magazine said of Earl, “Miller has not only mastered but transcended his medium. His best work celebrates the complex and enduring quality of a woman’s beauty. His vision is both elegant and sympathetic."

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