Corinne Alphen 35mm Photograph by Pat Hill - 1981



  • Format: 35mm slide
  • Model: Corinne Alphen
  • Photographer: Pat Hill
  • Year: 1981


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About Corinne Alphen

Corinne Alphen, a Massachusetts girl, was Penthouse pet of the Month in June 1978, August 1981, and Pet of the Year in 1982. She is known for her role in Spring Break (1983) and appeared in the 1987 comedy Amazon Women on the Moon as an interactive video girl.

"I was so innocent when I was seventeen, and I was open to every new experience. It was such a marvelously free feeling, being on my own, going wherever I wanted, doing whatever I liked... Some people think that's the kind of thing you can do only when you're really young. But I disagree. I'm going to have a lot more adventures like that in my life. I'd like to make that same trip again sometime on my motorcycle."

—Corinne Alphen

About Pat Hill

Originally from Hawaii, Pat Hill is a Clio award winning photographer based in Manhattan. Pat began her career at Penthouse, and evolved to full time staff photog, shooting everything from baseball pitchers to nuclear physicists for the interview section, to covers and centerfolds. After opening her own studio, Pat transitioned to advertising photography in the beauty and fashion world. On assignment, she has traveled throughout the USA , Canada, the Caribbean, Brazil and China.

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