Deborah Laufer posing with breast exposed on bed Deborah Laufer posing with breast exposed on bed

Deborah Laufer 3x4 Print by Hank Londoner - 1988



  • Format: 3x4 Print
  • Model: Deborah Laufer
  • Photographer: Hank Londoner
  • Year: 1988


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About Deborah Laufer

Deborah Laufer was considered to be a modern-day pioneer. Deborah recalled her decision to pull up stakes and head west, to Hollywood. “It was the most impulsive thing I’ve ever done. I drove across the country in an eight-year-old bomb of a car with only $400 to my name!”

Deborah admitted that she had some difficulty adjusting to what she refers to as the L.A. Attitude. “Materialism’s not my style. It’s the simple pleasures that excite me—baseball, barbecues, Bob Seger songs.”

About Hank Londoner

Hank Londoner, born and raised in Israel, received his education in art and photography in California. He moved east and based his studio in Manhattan, and is credited with shooting fashion editorial for many magazines such as Essence, Vogue, Linea Italiana, and major advertising campaigns for Jordache, Bloomingdales, Almay and other fashion and beauty companies. In 1981 Hank began to shoot covers and centerfolds for Penthouse magazine, and its affiliates world wide, bringing a new point of view to photo erotica.

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