Meg Simpson 35mm Photograph by Jordi Morgadas - 1982



  • Format: 35mm slide
  • Model: Meg Simpson
  • Photographer: Jordi Morgadas 
  • Year: 1982


This photograph is in good condition and is sold as is. Please note the slide mount may contain original marks and writing. For a more detailed report on an individual photograph, please contact us.


There is no copyright transfer upon purchase of photographs. If you are interested in reproducing photographs, please contact us.

About Jordi Morgadas

Jordi Morgadas was born in Granollers (Barcelona) in 1946. In 1965, at the age of 19, he began to dedicate himself to the world of photography, choosing the field of Fashion and Advertising, to which he devoted 43 years of his life .

In 1973 he began to collaborate as a freelance, with the publishing world, publishing reports in several magazines Interviu, Play-Boy, Penthouse, and for which he travels to Thailand, Mauritius and Reunion, Seychelles Islands, Kenya, Tanzania, Japan etc.

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