Suzanna Hayes 35mm Photograph by Bob Guccione - 1974



  • Format: 35mm slide
  • Model: Suzanna Hayes
  • Photographer: Bob Guccione
  • Year: 1974


This photograph is in good condition and is sold as is. Please note the slide mount may contain original marks and writing. For a more detailed report on an individual photograph, please contact us.


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About Suzanna Hayes

The Libra Suzanna Hayes prides herself on a unique ability to remain aware of current events. She's into the whole youth scene and regards it as a significant, however disjointed, foundation stone for the trends and principles of tomorrow's social establishment. She is a super-intelligent creature with an unusually flexible philosophical approach to life.

"I've had one or two bisexual experiences. They were interesting, for making love to another girl is somewhat like fulfilling the constant dream of self-love. All in all, I don’t believe your'e capable of becoming a whole person until you've experimented with different parts and aspects of yourself..."

—Suzanna Hayes

About Bob Guccione

In 1965, Bob Guccione, a struggling artist with an entrepreneurial imagination, started a magazine called Penthouse. Due to his lack of resources, Guccione personally photographed most of the models for the magazine's early issues. He spent long hours, and sometimes, several days, to complete a photo shoot. Although he had no professional training, Guccione applied his knowledge of painting to his photography, establishing the diffused, soft focus look that would become one of the trademarks of the magazine's pictorials. These images offered more sexually explicit content than other gentleman's magazines of the era, establishing Penthouse as a well known name amongst its competitors.

Although Bob Guccione's formal training amounts to a one-month stint at the Art Students League, his entire life has revolved around the art world since the age of 5, when his aunt gave him a book of impressionist reproduction. As a young man living in Europe and North Africa, he furthered his artistic pursuits by painting and sketching for over 20 years. His sense of light, form, and movement can be attributed to the past 30 years he has spent behind the camera lens. Finally his lifelong acquisition of old-master, impressionist and post-impressionist works has greatly influenced his use of inert color. Although he is known primarily as a businessman, and owner of GMI and its 17 publications, he states that "my greatest passion has always been art."

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